President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the triple burials of national heroes on the same day highlight the gradual extinction of a generation of fighters who delivered freedom and national independence.

He noted that the freedom fighters’  deeds should be immortalised through focused narratives on the making of the nation out of struggle.

The President stressed country’s rich natural heritage from the national struggle, adding that this should be immortalised for all times.

Addressing mourners during the burial of national heroes, ZNA Commander Edzai Chimonyo and Michael Chakabva at the National Heroes Acre this afternoon President Mnangagwa urged the country to remain resolution in defending its sovereignty.

He also warned that his government is aware of machinations by the country’s detractors adding that they will not succeed.

“The form nature and strategies of our country’s detractors, sellouts and their appendages are clearly known,” he said.

He added that the defence and promotion of Zimbabwe’s Independence and national interest is now every Zimbabwean’s responsibility.

Meanwhile, the third national hero Abraham Nkiwane was buried at his farm in Umguza.