A dark cloud continues to hang over Zimbabwe after the country lost another United Kingdom-based medical practitioner who recently contracted the catastrophic Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.
Gladys Nyemba passed on this Tuesday afternoon in Nottingham. She was a medical staffer at Nottinghamshire Healthcare (NHS).
Her demise comes in the wake of findings that roughly a third of NHS and key frontline workers have tested positive for coronavirus. Yet, on the other hand, the spread of the virus amongst general NHS staffers is estimated to be hovering around 23%.

The late Nyemba’s picture recently posted on Facebook

Barely a fortnight ago, Nyemba had told friends on macro-blogging Facebook that she was safe from the Covid-19 scourge.
Nyemba adds to an increasing number of, especially, medical practitioners based in the UK who have succumbed to the ravaging coronavirus which has apparently shaken the entire globe with thousands of mortalities while hundreds of thousands have been infected.

More details to follow…