Tinashe Zisengwe

In a move perceived to be essential in instilling and promoting indigenous culture amongst youths, Chiefs in Mashonaland Central recently engaged the government to be granted permission to conduct lessons in schools.

Speaking at the just ended culture week in Nyava Secondary School in Bindura, The province’s Chief Council President, Senator Chief Nyambire welcomed the introduction of the new government’s curriculum which seeks to promote local culture starting at tender ages.

Chief Nyambire said he hopes the government will take on board Chiefs as well as community leaders to deliver culture, history and traditional lessons in schools.

He further lamented the rate of cultural erosion amongst most youths who now prefer foreign culture.

“Youths in the country no longer value their culture, which in most cases should determine who they are. They now believe that everything foreign is the measurement of our own standards,” bemoaned Chief Nyambire.

The Provincial Chief’s Council President appealed to the Minister of Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage Abedinico Ncube to take their view into consideration if the country is prepared to maintain its indigenous culture.

He also appealed to the Minister to try cases of people who dress indecently.