The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the arrest of lawyer, Norman Mugiya on 26 September 2022 for cases of fraud and money laundering in connection with the late Jonah Shereni’s estate.

He is jointly charged with the late Jonah Shereni’s wife, Yolanda Mututuma (27).

Police say more details are to be availed as investigations unfold.

Meanwhile, Mugiya is one of the country’s well known lawyers, he was recently suspended from practicing over the issue.

The top lawyer and managing partner of Mugiya and Muvhami Law Chambers, Norman Mugiya, is in trouble after he allegedly helped a client to forge a will of the late Jonah Shereni.

In a letter addressed to the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ), his partners Arshiel Mugiya and Tafadzwa Muvhami said they would suspend Mugiya until he was cleared by the courts.

The complainant is the late Shereni’s son, Lawrence (18).

It is alleged Shereni was once married to Durai Marble Dick, the mother of the complainant and his three siblings, Amanda, Tavonga and Rutendo.

They later divorced.
Shereni died in a car accident in October last year.