Zim cyclists asked to pay licence or go to jail

Zimbabwe motorists who dumped their cars for the cheaper two wheeled machine are in for a big shock as there will soon be a new mandatory bicycle fee.

Failure to pay the new proposed fee will see cyclists loose their bicycle while the individual will face a hefty 12 months imprisonment, Zimnews has learnt.

The new draconian system will be tested in Harare first before it is implemented in other places like Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Masvingo and the rest of the country.

A shocked government employee who requested anonymity, and also cycles to work, told zwnews.com reporters that there is a reason why the fees will start in Harare.

“Authorities fear a lot of resistance to this move so they will test people’s tolerance in the combative city of Harare,” he said.

“If it is accepted there, then the rest of the country will get it as well,” he added.

According to Zimbabwe government gazette published last week, Harare cyclists will now be paying for using the capital city’s roads.

“No person shall use any road within the council area without paying the required fees and any cycle which is ordinarily kept within the area will be considered illegal unless it has been licensed in terms of these by-laws,” reads statutory instrument 108 of 2016 published in last week’s gazette.

The licenses will make an annual financial headache to Zimbabweans as they must be renewed every year by the first of January.

Offenders of the instrument will pay a fine not exceeding $200 or one year imprisonment or both.

Meanwhile, Harare residents have warned that they are ready for war over the latest insensitive and undemocratic taxation.

Combined Harare Residents Association chairperson Simbarashe Moyo described the development as “mad” and “murky” warranting resistance.

Local government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, did not answer his phone when Zimnews reached out for his opinion on the matter.