We don’t fund Zanu PF, Zimbabwe succession wars: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom ambassador to Zimbabwe has come out to clarify her country’s position regarding Mnangagwa presidency.

This came after weeks of protests by Zimbabwe opposition groups and pro-democracy movements who are worried that, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the west’s Zanu PF candidate of choice, has a chequered past that needs serious consideration before any support is given.

Worse still for them(opposition parties), western powers, including United Kingdom, United States of America, the European Community and even unlikely candidates, China and South Africa are already rumoured to be working on a multi billion rescue package to boost a new Mnangagwa government as soon as Mugabe retires in few months to come.

Mrs Catriona Laing, British Ambassador to Zimbabwe told reporters yesterday that her country, the UK, will not spend a penny on ‘any particular Zanu PF faction or candidate’.

She dismissed the ‘Mnangagwa presidential package support’ as just rumours with not concrete evidence.

However, Britain will still follow its usual path towards Zimbabwe’s pro-democracy  movements.

“We will continue to support Zimbabweans of all political persuasions(including Zanu PF) to exercise their democratic rights as enshrined in the 2013 constitution,” she concluded.

The ambassador did not completely clarify ‘the Mnangagwa controversy’ when she further suggested that Zimbabwe is one of Britain’s thirty countries of interest,” where we monitor and report regularly”..

A veiled statement showing that Britain may be closely monitoring and interested in current factional wars in Zimbabwe’s ruling party.