On 23 February 2018, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights condemned the alleged unbecoming reprehensible conduct of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), which led to the death of 2 people.

The incident happened on 22 February 2018 as confirmed by ZRP during a government backed operation to outlaw commuter bus operators and informal traders from operating in Harare’s CBD.

ZLHR boldly stated that the illegitimate conduct of is a serious threat to national security since ZRP is one of the two arms of the security services tasked with safeguarding safety&security of citizens & has a chilling effect on lawful activities of ZRP.

Meanwhile, issues of alleged police brutality in Zimbabwe has been a talk of town. ZRP stands accused of using unwarranted force during public unrests.

At some point, Zimbabwean lawyers marched against police brutality in Harare, following the assault of a top lawyer at the city’s central police station.

Police inside the station assaulted Doug Coltart while he was representing a teachers’ union leader, Obert Masaraure, who was arrested for allegedly taking part in a protest.

Nearly 200 lawyers clad in black robes, white barrister bands and bandages on their heads, crowded Harare High Court displaying placards that denounced police brutal actions.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Director Rose Hanzi said 2019 was the worst in terms of police human rights violations on lawyers.

“We are marching against the police brutality as well as to remind the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner General of the Police of their obligations in terms of the Constitution and international human rights instruments,” Hanzi told Anadolu Agency.