… says the President is safe and sound, his security is guaranteed…

Today, 15 November 2017, around 4 am, Zimbabwe National Army spokesperson, Major General Sibusiso Moyo appeared on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV to announce special operation was underway ‘Operation Restore Legacy.’

Moyo assured the nation that President Robert Mugabe and his family was “safe” and that the military was “in charge” as it intends to arrest “criminals” surrounding the president.

The army was said to have arrested leading figures of the ‘Generation 40’ (pro-Grace Mugabe) faction in Zanu-PF, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Ignatius Chombo.

Apparently, the prime goal seemingly viewed as a way to stop Mugabe’s wife, Grace from succeeding him and Mugabe’s family was reportedly placed under house arrest.

On this day, Zimbabweans awoke to hearing Chimurenga songs being played on radio and TV, as normal programming was suspended.

Moyo’s voice could occasionally come up briefing the nation on what was happening.

He did not term it a coup, but referred to it as ‘operation restore legacy’ aimed at removing the criminals surrounding the President.

The announcement left many Zimbabweans anxious as they await outcome, many where sick and tired of Mugabe hence they rejoiced and supported the move by the army to topple him.