The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) says the volume of tobacco sold to date is 17.6 percent lower than the 124.2 million kg that had been sold during the same period last year.

In an update on day 36 of the tobacco auction, TIMB attributed the fall to the challenges faced by farmers this year.

The 2022 tobacco selling season officially opened on 30 March 2022, with Government calling for discipline among actors in the industry to curb farmer deprivation by middlemen while enhancing transparency and fairness in contract and auction sales.

Opening sales were conducted at the Tobacco Sales Floors (TSF) and Premier Tobacco Floors (PTF) while Boka Tobacco Floors (BTF) opened five days later to give time for the rest r road construction works adjacent to the premises.

TIMB is a regulatory and advisory statutory t o functions include controlli ng and regulating the marketing of tobacco in Zimbabwe.

Tobacco production is this year expected to drop to 210 million kg from 250 million kg harvested in 2021, this is according to the second round crop and livestock assessment report.