Alleged Bobbi Athoff Leaks Circulate Online, Fans Suspect AI

Bobbi has not yet responded to the news of the alleged leaks.

The news comes as the TikTok sensation and her husband, tech executive Cory, are divorcing mere months after she debunked rumors of an affair with Drake.

The couple, who tied the knot in January 2020 and have two young daughters, cited irreconcilable differences in court documents. However, there’s a surprising twist – Cory listed the date of separation as July 4, 2023, coinciding with Drake’s appearance on Bobbi’s podcast, “The Really Good Podcast.”

The interview, which lasted an hour and took place on Drake’s bed, garnered over 9 million views. Despite the buzz, Althoff maintained her deadpan humor throughout, seemingly unimpressed by the rapper. Reports suggest she even missed her youngest child’s first birthday to accommodate Drake’s schedule during her trip to Memphis.

In the aftermath, Althoff shared an Instagram Reel depicting her uneventful time at one of Drake’s concerts.”