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South African actress Thuso Mbedu will deliver a keynote address at the Power Women Summit 2022 on December 13 and 14 in Santa Monica, California.

The Woman King star took to Instagram recently to describe what she gets out of being in Hollywood’s inner circle.

“My favourite part of my journey has been sitting in rooms with people from all walks of life and just listening to their stories and what it is they want to add to the world. I genuinely enjoy listening more than speaking. And like I’ve said when I’ve been asked the question, ‘What have you learnt from playing Nawi or Cora?’ my response has been, ‘I have a voice that matters. I need to stop apologising for existing,’ so I’m excited to deliver the keynote address @wrapwomen’s #PowerWomenSummit2022,” she wrote.

Less than a week ago Thuso had a sit-down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

She said she wanted to make a difference with her characters and was determined to use her acting to change society rather than focus on the money.

“I want to create the stories that are innately in us because growing up in this industry you believe you can be anything until you get into the industry and they tell you, ‘No, you can’t’.”

Thuso was honoured at the International Women of Power Awards in July for the strides she has taken as an actress.

“We are honoured to announce the incredible Thuso Mbedu as an honouree for the 2022 International Women of Power Awards. The SA queen is a force to be reckoned with on screen, celebrated for her incredible work in Amazon’s The Underground Railroad and receiving an International Emmy nomination for her role in drama series Is’Thunzi.