This married woman was offered $15000 to sleep with Job Sikhala?

Lydia Nyamidzi

A 24-year-old woman has responded following claims by a state run newspaper that MDC, Zengeza MP, Job Sikhala bedded her at a Harare lodge just before July 30 elections.

Here is Lydia Nyamidzi’s statement:

 I am a 24-year-old mother of two children who was never married but lived in cohabitation with one Obey Bangiza sometime back, the cohabitation that became untenable in 2016.

The circumstances of my cohabitation came as a result of Obey who forced me into a se_xual act with him in the year 2010 when I was a 15-year old school child at Furamera School. Iran away from my parents when they asked me why I came home late.

Obey never went back to my parents either to conduct customary proceedings to regularize the cohabitation into marriage. So it is a lie that Obey Bangiza is my husband. He is not.

I lived the life of fear, terror and slavery  for the period of my cohabitation with Obey. Several times I was abused, through severe assaults and sometimes sleeping outside his parents home where we were living. I approached the Courts several times seeking protection.

Obey was convicted for severely assaulting me for no apparent reason  and performed community service at Mberi Primary School for 270 hours in October 2017, the assault that has caused permanent injuries to my body.

We long lost affection for each other two years ago and have never been in se_xual contact since then. They said Obey Bangiza and his friends tried to influence me to se_duce one Job Sikhala into a se_xual relationship, so as to trap him to destroy his image in Zengeza West, after a video from Capitalk Radio, insinuated that he sleeps around with other people’s wives. The se_duction was done for a promised reward of $15 000. It is an arrangement I initially agreed to but changed my mind later.

The programme was to the effect that I seduce Job Sikhala to some se_xual nest while, the group of friends on alert. I was supposed to trap him to some Hotel or Lodge and on the verge of the se_xual act, we would be caught na_ked and filmed, while others would attack him for the kill.

I then approached Job Sikhala at Zengeza 2 Park opposite TM, where we all know is the place he  always mingles with his friends. After seeing his Mercedes Benz ML320, I approached his vehicle in the company of his sister Sabina Bangiza. I greeted him by the title Honorable, so as to soften him. It was three weeks before elections and the intention was to destroy him before elections.

The theatrics were supposed to be accomplished before elections. The story that appeared in H-metro was supposed to have been generated before the 31st of July 2018 , for maximum damage.

It is a lie that, I succeeded to seduce Job Sikhala to have a se_xual encounter with myself. I have never had any se_xual act with him as he remained evasive and always professed to be busy. I tried everything possible but did not succeed. Therefore it is not only a malicious lie that I bedded Job Sikhala, but failed mission to accomplish.

Lydia Nyamidzi



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