Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says only exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo can save ZANU-PF through propaganda because the party has failed to deliver.

He says Moyo was brought back to ZANU-PF after late former President Robert Mugabe noticed that he was losing the plot.

“Jonathan Moyo was brought back into ZANU-PF in 2008 through Didymus Mutasa after Mugabe realized he was losing on propaganda,” he says.

He adds that ZANU-PF is at the same position today.

Mliswa says Mnangagwa has lost his support base because he has failed to deliver.

He says the young generation is suffering adding that Citizens Coalition for Change president
Nelson Chamisa is part of that generation which is suffering.

Mliswa says the country should avoid the narrative of blaming everything on the West:

“There must be something wrong in the narrative that lampoons the whole West as saboteurs of local progress especially in the context of debating the country’s economic challenges.

“Let’s face the truth on some issues and admit our culpability where the country has lost way!”