Have you ever cast your doubts to soccer being the most in-demand sports in the world? Well, you should not. In order to make things simple, it’s the prize pool that makes it prestigious among other factors.

As the second annual Forbes list that follows the 10 highest-paying sporting events in the world, among the 4 listed down are taken by tournaments taking place in the world of soccer. Mind you, there has been no other sport that did this feat nor came close to its standards in terms of dominance.

As we constructed this list, the focus lies on the prize money that successfully made its way to the hands of winners. These winners either competed for a single event or a tournament. Do note that the competition’s total prize money was not included. Additionally, the competitions that went on for longer seasons also did not make it to the list, especially those which didn’t end in a competing playoff such as the Barclays Premier League.

Ready for the list? Check these top 3 sporting events that made the wealthiest revenue below:

UEFA European Football Championship

Sports: Soccer

Prize pool: $33 million

There are a number of people who believed that a tournament with a high calibre like this and incorporates only the best European national teams are at the same level with the World Cup. When it comes to money talks, this is better, albeit in a small degree only. Speaking of money, there are also fans in Betway sports betting who wage digital bets on their favorite teams. These aspiring bettors and fans focused on each gameplay to maximize their spread and get the best return from the winning teams.

Likewise, when Spain won in 2008, the succeeding tournaments pushed for the surge in total prize money amounting from $230 million in 2008 then shifted drastically to $246 million.

FIFA World Cup

Sports: Soccer

Prize pool: $31 million

Some of the fans would think that the most prestigious soccer event in the world would go out of its way to offer the highest prize money to the winning team. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Still, the stacks are still in favor of the teams since the prize pool of the FIFA World Cup are still commendable enough for competing soccer teams.

The World Series

Sports: Baseball

Prize pool: $14.8 million

Ever since the event where the St. Louis Cardinals clashed against the Texas Rangers and won their titles throughout the seven matches, each player bagged $323,169 for their remarkable efforts as individuals and as a team. The event happened last October.



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