Samson Muchirahondo

While Harare- Bulawayo route boasts of being the country’s second highway after Beitbridge route, it also has something peculiar to it, more cities than any of the country’s highways, something that every local authority that has its footprints on it should be proud of.

However, the truth of the matter is not even a dead dog would want to be associated with such a road at least for now, not because of increased number of road carnages, but the increased deaths being caused by disease outbreaks in the cities and town’s it cuts across.

Early this year, Norton and Chegutu the first two town’s the road passby from Harare recorded numerous cases of cholera claiming lives with numerous cases having been recorded.

Not to speak of Kadoma the next stop, being the first city one would approach, before being welcomed by cities of Kwekwe, Gweru and Bulawayo respectively, disease outbreaks have always been the order of the day. At some point cholera and typhoid have also claimed lives.

The eyecatching one at least for now, that made me sit down and think that the highway is indeed a cursed one, the recent Gweru typhoid outbreak which has since claimed eight lives with as many cases being recorded.

These are indeed the frivolities that throttle the mind, councils should prioritise service delivery and gain residents confidence locally and also abroad.

Considering that the highway also leads to one of the world’s five wonders, Victoria falls as well as the pride of Africa Hwange National parks, tourists even business people wouldn’t want to pass through cities battling cholera worse more to invest in along the road considering the interconnectivity that occurs within the road.

Before l rest my curse, let everyone play his part in the fight against the rise in cholera and typhoid cases.

While more often than not before residents pinpoint fingers at sometimes cash strapped councils we should also assist in maintaining a clean environment. Lets avoid dumping waste, but recycle as these are some of the things within our reach.

There is no compromise to health, everyone is entitled to right to live. Councils along Harare-Bulawayo restore the pride from City of Sunshine to City of Kings