ZAMBIA-based Zesco United and  Zimbabwe Warriors football star Thabani Kamusoko has kicked out his wife from his Selbourne Park suburb house in Bulawayo after catching her red handed, cheating with another man.

Kamusoko has been called to represent Zimbabwe in the upcoming Afcon matches against Botswana and Zambia later next month.

The midfielder’s sister busted his “cheating” spouse being picked up by her boyfriend outside their matrimonial home, court documents reveal.

Kamusoko’s wife, Bongile Sibanda, is said to have sped off in the car of her alleged boyfriend after realising that her sister-in-law, Sithokozile Kamusoko, had seen her getting into her lover’s car.

Bongile has been customarily married to the popular football star for eight years.

Sithokozile discovered that his sister-in-law was cheating on her brother by chance as she was in Selbourne Park suburb to drop off her hairdresser. The hairdresser resides near the Kamusokos.

When she saw Bongile getting into an unknown vehicle and being driven away she decided to pursue the car as she suspected that her sister-in-law was up to no good.

“I followed Bongile up to Old Esigodini Road next to Christian Brothers College (CBC) School. When I got near them, I hooted and the male person in the car opened the window and Bongile saw me. After that they sped off leaving me at the scene,” said Sithokozile.

Sithokozile then sent Bongile messages using the WhatsApp platform, begging her to stop so that they could talk.

Bongile ignored the messages.

“I always loved you as a sister but okwenzayo it’s very wrong. Nobody is perfect, I wanted to talk to you without telling my brother for the sake of my brother’s daughter and his marriage. So that Kamusoko will be respected when he returns. Instead of rushing to cover up ku Micky (Kamusoko), ukuzehlisa does not cost you a lot, besizakhuzana sodwa and you learn from your mistakes, ugcine umuzi wakho (We were going to talk as ladies and solve this matter and help you keep your marriage intact,” she texted.

Sithokozile advised Bongile to do her shenanigans far away from her house.

“When you do izinto ezinjalo (when you do such things), do them away from your matrimonial home because people will laugh at Micky,” she wrote.

An unmoved Bongile did not bother to respond.

Left with no choice, Sithokozile called Kamusoko and told him what had happened.

“Thabani said my mother and I should go to Bongile’s relatives and tell them about her infidelity. We went to Pumula suburb where her relatives stay and delivered the message to them. While we were there, Thabani phoned and told Bongile to vacate the house,” said Sithokozile.

She continued: “Thabani asked Sihle Nkala and our younger brother to be there when Bongile takes her belongings and she enlisted the services of police officers to be there while she was taking her belongings.”

Bongile said she had not been talking to her sister-in- law for the past five months.

“I was surprised to receive the messages from Sithokozile because we had not been talking to each other. At that time I was still at my friend’s house. I did not respond to the messages because I did not understand what she was talking about and where all this was coming from,” said Bongile.

Bongile denied being unfaithful to her husband.

“Sithokozile is up to destroying my marriage. My husband wrote the affidavit based on lies he got from his sister. All this is hearsay. Unfortunately, my husband has been carried away,” she said through her lawyers, Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga and Partners.

However, Kamusoko is convinced that Bongile was cheating on him.

“After hearing of my wife’s infidelity. I talked to her and agreed that she moves out of my house. I tasked my sister Sithokozile and my younger brother Brian to see what she will be taking. We agreed that she moves out until June.

“We will sit and discuss the matter when I come to Zimbabwe. The union between me and the mother of my child has irretrievably broken down and there is no chance of reconciling it,” he said.