Lovemore Lubinda

The independent Member of Parliament for Norton, Hon Temba Mliswa is yearning to be readmitted into the ruling ZANU PF party.

Mliswa’s longing for the party that ditched him on allegations that he was one of those who wanted to overthrow President Robert Mugabe, comes after a passionate plea for readmission when addressing journalists in Harare at a press conference.

Mliswa said the ruling party had not been consistent in readmitting some other members who were expelled alongside him back into the party, while leaving him out.

“How could they readmit Webster Shamu who was the chief strategist in the Joice Mujuru’s gamatox cabal, that sought to unseat Mugabe from power, we were all in it together but he is back.

By the virtue of being the party’s political commissar at that time he was therefore the chief culprit. I am surprised he is back in the ruling party and not some others including me,” he said.

He added; in that regard, ZANU PF failed the consistency test by readmitting some people and leaving out others, despite them all implicated together and facing the same offence.

“Even Kudzai Chipanga was in it too. I remember strategizing the gamatox thing with him at my house. I can show the pictures if you think I am making it up. But he too is back in the party,” he said.

He said as for Chipanga, it is unfair that he could have at least told the party that he was also deep into it and if he was to be exonerated as is the case, he shouldn’t have forgotten people like Mliswa who had played the very game that led to the expulsion together with him.

He also chided Professor Jonathan Moyo for saying bad things against the president and the ruling party when he was an independent. “I have not attacked the President and ZANU PF as much as Moyo did when he was independent,” he said.