Vocal Norton Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Temba Mliswa challenged male legislators to be responsible and support their children when they impregnate girls.

This follows an incident of an unnamed girl was reportedly impregnated by a Member of Parliament and when she came to Parliament to confront the alleged father, she was impregnated by another legislator.

Mliswa said;

Mr. Speaker, my point of order which I would like the male Members of Parliament to pay attention to is: I received a family today who needed my assistance.

They have a daughter who was impregnated by a Member of Parliament. When she came here to seek assistance from another Member of Parliament, she was impregnated again.

I had asked them to put them in black and white. I do not know the Members of Parliament but just for you to know.
Members of Parliament who are male must be responsible,” he said.

Mliswa promised to post the letter on social media.

“I will be putting this letter on social media and I would like the Members of Parliament who are involved to quickly support them.

“We cannot be seen to be abusing children and making them pregnant. Those children need to eat.

“If you are not able to support a child, do not have a child. Stop abusing the girl child,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mliswa has 19 children from various women and seems to be taking good care of them all.