A BULAWAYO MAN from Tshabalala suburb was left with no choice, but to approach the courts after his wife shamed him by bringing her boyfriends to their matrimonial home and assaulted him whenever he asked why she brought her lovers to their home.

Nhlanhla Ndlovu initially bottled the issue and suffered in silence, but he plucked up courage and asked his wife Memory Moyo why she brought her boyfriends to their home.

He never knew that he had courted trouble for himself as his wife hurled insults at him and would assault him with fists in front of her boyfriends.

To add salt to the wound, his wife would threaten to have him arrested. And he had to endure that toxic situation for more than four weeks.


Last week on Monday he had to overcome fear and headed to Western Commonage Court to seek a protection order against his wife, who physically, emotionally and verbally abuses him.

The distraught Ndlovu said:

“I’m applying for a protection order against my wife Memory Moyo.

“She is physically, verbally and emotionally abusing me. She is in the habit of assaulting me in front of her boyfriends.”

Ndlovu said when he confronts her she would get angry and launch verbal attacks at him.

“She would get angry and insult me in the presence of her boyfriends, she has been doing this for more than a month. Surprisingly she would threaten to get me arrested for no apparent reason.

“May the court assist me by stopping her from bringing her boyfriends to our matrimonial home and order her not to insult and assault me,” begged Nhlanhla.


The unshaken Memory said:

“I only brought one boyfriend to our matrimonial home and my husband knows him.

And I only assaulted him when he asked where I was because I had told him before I left that I was going to visit my boyfriend.”

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Ndlovu the protection order against Memory.

The magistrate ordered her to stop bringing her boyfriends home and refrain from physically, emotionally and verbally abusing her husband.