Three suspects have been arrested for the alleged racist attack at Maselspoort resort in the Free State. Police have confirmed that one suspect facing an attempted murder charge will remain in custody and is expected to appear in court tomorrow

Anger and outrage after video shows black boys being attacked by white men at Bloemfontein resort-what happened

According to Twitter user, @Tumii_Frost, her family wanted to spend the day at Maselspoort Resort and Conference Centre for a relaxing Christmas, when her brothers “were attacked by these grown men because they are apparently not allowed in the pool as it’s reserved for the ‘white people’ here”.

Frost said her brothers are 13 and 18.

In the video, a white man is seen slapping the 13-year-old who is then thrown back in the pool when he tries to get up. The man then appears to try to choke the 18-year-old.

There are attempts to break the fight up but it escalates when the younger teen’s hair is pulled. The video ends when a man is seen dragging the older teen by the head in the pool.