Just when people were thinking the big mobile data price increase was the end of internet in Zimbabwe, Supa Mandiwanzira, the minister responsible for the industry made an uncharacteristic about turn and announced that the new exorbitant prices are null and void.

We are going back to the old scenario!

In a statement issued today, Mandiwanzira announced the suspension of tariff increases on mobile data. The suspension follows a major outcry from consumers following an activation of floor prices on mobile internet usage that threatened to ruin Zimbabwe’s vibrant internet community back to stone age with unrealistic data charges.

But the minister saw it as a step backwards for Africa’s most educated country.

“I share and sympathise with concerns expressed by a multitude of Zimbabwean internet users that the recently effected data prices are unparalleled and extortionist.

 Given the astronomical rates that have been charged over the last two days, it may be necessary and morally correct to get the concerned mobile networks to refund their subscribers,” said Mandiwanzira.