Movement for Democratic Change Alliance deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala says the struggle for a better Zimbabwe is in motion and in safe hands.

“After digressing Agenda 2021 and the way forward with People’s President Cde leader Nelson Chamisa and People’s Vice President Cde leader BitiTendai today. The struggle is in motion and in safe hands.”

The outspoken politician who once warned his principal, Chamisa not to think that popularity alone will guarantee him to become Zimbabwe’s next leader, believes the party is on the right track.

Sikhala said history was replete with popular politicians who later failed to land the number one job in national politics – including Morgan Tsvangirai.

Sikhala said unpopular leaders often become State presidents because of their grit and decisiveness. He gave examples of Kenya’s Daniel Arap Moi and DRC’s Mobutu Sese Seko.

In his address dubbed ‘The Zimbabwe 2021 Agenda,’ Chamisa touched on a number of issues, including the economic and political crisis as well as governance issues in the Southern African country.

He said the oppressors have tried everything to decimate his party, but to no avail as it remained solid, adding that they are humbled by the fact that the people’s trust and confidence in the him and his party remained unshaken.

Chamisa called for unity among Zimbabweans, both at home and abroad, in the fight for a better nation.

He announced a shift of direction: “Refocusing our fights as a means to mobilize and energize the base and reassert our leadership role as the alternative government. Building a mass based party through recruitment and mobilization.

Mobilizing resources to strengthen the party as an institution and to execute the struggle to its logical end.”