By Stanley Goreraza | Talk is cheap and all we have got from the President since last November is talk. He says what needs to be said but does not do what needs to be done. All talk and no action makes all his promises nothing but hot air.

It cannot be a new dispensation if ED and especially the rest of Zanupf have not dispensed with their old ways and conduct. It is not the second republic if vestiges of the First republic dominate today. Zanupf needs to be born again and with it the culture of ggovernance and leadership which hasn’t changed much.

Economic sense will tell you its senseless to buy Chiefs motor vehicles with the state of the economy. The government is still way to big with plenty of unnecessary jobs and positions gobbling 80% of government revenues. Hundreds of millions are spent on a huge ineffective and useless Cabinet. Ministers, permanent secretaries and principal directors still travel in and out of Zimbabwe as if mu Zimbabwe macho munovava, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars. Most of the little that government makes is spent on unproductive pursuits. Corruption is still very much rife at the VID and much of the government.

The Zanupf leadership is still mainly composed of combative, militant, carefree and arrogant people who frequently make reckless, ignorant and careless utterances. There still is no discipline, maturity and decency amongst most of the Zanupf leadership.

The economy is still in a state of complete neglect but Zanupf leaders still boast “tisu tiri kutonga”

A new dispensation entails wholesale observable blanket change, endorsed by the people. It is not for the president to declare a new dispensation but the people. A new dispensation should not just be seen but felt by all. The major indicator of a new dispensation would be economic recovery, and that is the economy responding to changes in politics and policies.

A new president presiding over an old system is no new dispensation. There has to be a new system, a new culture and a complete abandonment of the old destructive system. But when most of the old is kept intact then there’s nothing new to talk about. ED has to change Zanupf. There has to be a new code of conduct in Zanupf. Zimbabwe is not going to change without change in Zanupf. There will be no new dispensation without a new Zanupf. stanley goreraza