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Stanley Goreraza: Mugabe became fierce and dangerous after 1980

The biggest problem in Zimbabwe could be the Zimbabwean people themselves. We have never been good judges of character. Look what we produced from the former President after many of his close associates had warned us about him. We do not have standards when voting. Just look at Parliament! We don’t scrutinize we do not measure therefore we do not look and that is why we do not see. And because we do not see, we vote blindly.

We fall for populism. A leader stands before us and says the things we want to hear and he becomes the messiah. He says a few jokes and, we laugh and he has us in the palm of his hands. He is young, he is young! How do you vote for someone just because they are young without so much as looking at their mind and heart?

We look at what is on the surface instead of diving and going deep to know who they really are. Takafanana ne musikana anongonzi ndokuda obva atobvuma asingazive munhu amuti anomuda. Paanenge ava kurowha, ava kunyimwa mari, ava kubatwa nerwoko rweseri oti Mwari ndimi makandikanda mudambudziko iri.

Someone undemocratic in the opposition will be more undemocratic in power. Someone whose supporters would try to burn a rival must never ever be allowed near power because in power, the whole nation will be burned. See people for who they are. When they show little colours, those are their big colours. A puppy can be cute with cute teeth. But it can bite to death when it is fully grown. Those who try to bite with small teeth, will become dangerous when they have bigger teeth.

The former President was once in the opposition before 1980. He used to bite his opponents and rivals. After 1980 he became fierce and dangerous. He would bite to death. Even his own Comrades.


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