THE woman in the centre of Star FM presenter Spencer Banda’s adultery saga has broken her silence on the whole scandal.

Sharon Mawedze vehemently denied that she is in a romantic relationship with Banda and his assailant (Michael) who she claims is not her husband as they separated 2 years ago.

She described her ex-husband Michael as abusive and that he is in the habit of stalking her relentlessly.

Sharon left her matrimonial home two years ago and has been living in Kambuzuma at her parents’ home but her ex Michael still shows up announced to torment her.

“Spencer Banda is not my boyfriend, I started knowing him personally last year through my business partner when we approached him seeking for a business deal in which we would supply him with sportswear.

“We signed a deal and this year I began supplying him, the relationship we have is purely a business one,” said Mawedze.

Sharon claims to have filed a protection order against Michael Mawedze who is still keeping tabs on her since their separation two years ago.
Sharon claims that Banda had come to collect his stocking order when Michael and his friends attacked them.

“Just recently, he wanted me to supply 50 pairs of stockings for his rugby team but I only managed to supply 40, he called me on Monday last week reminding me that it was the Dairibord Rugby Festival week so I had to supply the stockings urgently,”

“So on Thursday night, Mr Banda came to my place at around 9pm to collect the order.

“He parked at the front of my gate and I went into his car, at the back seat and began counting the socks then I told him that we had to go and collect the other pair just around the neighborhood,” said Mawedze.

“Mr Banda asked me to drive because he was not well versed with the streets of Kambuzuma and I agreed because it would be faster if I drove because I know the place very well and as I drove, a car just came and parked in front of me blocking the way and we both thought we were being attacked by robbers as I had not realised that it was my ex-husband,”

“Three men came out the car coming straight to open the door and started attacking Mr Banda beating him till he seemingly lost consciousness,” she said.

Michael and his gang quickly dragged Banda to the verandah of a nearby house where the stripped him and began taking photos which found their way on social media.

Michael Mawedze is said to have told the police that someone had tipped him that his wife was seeing a man at the gate. He then decided to charge at Banda and attacked them without getting the full details.

Mawedze however could not provide proof of the nature of her business relationship with Banda.