Mugabe and the regime he installed do not value life… How does he sleep at night?

Shakespeare Muzavazi
Gweru: In an event that has proved that there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe, soldiers from the Zimbabwe National Army ruthlessly bashed university students in a bid to settle a score with the academics who had beaten one of theirs in a beer hall squabble.

Yesterday troops affiliated to the Zimbabwe National Army raided the Midlands State University’s main campus in search of what they called ‘revenge’ over their fellow mate who was involved in a bar fight with a student earlier on.

An impeccable source who witnessed the heinous act told this reporter that,”the military Junta” simply arrived in a closely packed Kombi and bulldozed through the security with pool sticks as their weapons of mass brutality.

“Our poor security couldn’t do nothing, what they could only do was to stand aside and look while the lawless military went on their thrashing mission if not rampage,”said the source.

The source went on to say the “Junta” went on to brutally assault everyone irrespective of gender or status.

“Military guys besieged all the the hostels and went on to violently assault everyone, yes that’s despite of gender.Innocent souls moaned and groaned as pool sticks rained upon them.

“The horrific act has left more than 14 students critically injured. Many students have been hospitalized by the school clinic and they are suffering fractured ribs, legs and head injuries from the barbaric attack.

“When these incidents happen the question that comes to every Zimbabwean’s mind is that ‘Why are the so-called peace keepers of our beloved country misusing their power or not’.Such matters should not be viewed with a blind eye as it is important to our society.We all long and demand to see justice and we refuse to live in fear in this free country of ours,”concluded the source who declined to be named for the fear of victimization.

Speaking on the same issue ZimFirst President Max Z Shumba took time to pour scorn on the criminality of Zimbabwe’s leadership;

“(President Robert) Mugabe and the regime he installed do not value life. Day in day out we read about Mugabe’s evils deeds. How does he sleep at night?  We have asked time and again,” he said in a message.