A 21-year-old Walter Sisulu University student’s rape ordeal which was recorded and shared on social media has left South Africa shocked.This horrific ordeal is contained in an audio clip recorded by the 21-year-old Walter Sisulu University student.

The explicit audio, which shocked the internet on Tuesday, was shared several times on social media resulting in #justicforyamkela trending on Twitter.

Police confirmed the authenticity of the clip and that the suspect known as Siyanda “Viper” Madubula has since been arrested and appeared at Maclear District Court in the Eastern Cape.

The alleged rapist, Siyanda “Viper” Madubula, reportedly pounced on his friend’s girlfriend and had s..ex with her without her consent.

The matter was exposed after an audio clip allegedly recorded during the crime leaked.

On the day of the incident, Mabula is reported to have gone out for drinking spree with the complainant’s boyfriend who passed out after having one too many drinks.

Aware that the complainant was all alone at his friend’s house, he seized the opportunity and went there.

In the heart-rendering recording which has been making rounds on social media, the victim who refers Madubula with his moniker, Viper, begs him to stop but he turns a deaf ear to her plea and rapes her.

“Viper I can’t breathe. Please don’t hurt me. Rather mast..ur..bate, you are scaring me. My boyfriend knows my story. I’ve been raped twice before and now this. You are opening old wounds.” the helpless woman can be heard.

The disturbing incident was confirmed by Eastern Cape police spokesperson Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinan who also revealed that a case had been opened against Madubula.

Siyanda Viper Madubula

“We can confirm that we are aware of a voice recording in circulation on social media and it forms part of a police investigation. A case of rape in relation to this incident has been opened. A 25-year-old suspect was charged with rape,” said the police spokesperson.

The victim’s sibling (name withheld) told the online publication, The Star, that his sister recorded the clip so as to present it before her boyfriend to expose Madubula for making s..ex..ual pursuits at her. Unfortunately for her, she was raped that very night.

“Viper is a very close friend of my sister’s boyfriend. The two had been drinking together earlier. The boyfriend passed out and Viper decided to go and attack my sister because he knew she had been waiting at her boyfriend’s house.

She recorded him after he started making se..x..ual advances at her. She wanted to use the clip to show her boyfriend that she is not cheating on him with Viper. She didn’t know that he was going to rape her,” said her sister.

The victim is a 21-year-old Walter Sisulu University student and her mobile phone has since been confiscated by the police as part of the ongoing investigations.