Controversial Harare based Comedienne Felistas Edwards popularly known as Mai Titi has been dumped by her Ben 10 boyfriend Zizoe.

Mai Titi claimed that another lady had staked her claim on Zizoe insinuating that they were in relationship before Mai Titi came along.


The lady is said to have claimed Zizoe as her man and Mai Titi as the homewrecker.

Mai Titi has since told her followers that she has been left in the cold by her slippery former lover.

Said Mai Titi:

We all carry invisible scars that come from inner wounds—perhaps from a divorce, from what somebody did, from a mistake we made, from a loss.

So often we try to hide our scars. They remind us of the hurt. But you can be at peace with your scars.

Those scars are your testimony; they tell your story. Instead of being depressed over what you’ve been through, have a new perspective—the enemy tried to stop you, but God brought you through it, healed you, and you have a scar to prove it.

The scars can remind you of His grace and power.