There is a huge number of Zimbabweans rushing home through Sub Sahara Africa’s biggest land based border crossing, and so far there are no issues to worry about.

Early today, there was heavy traffic volume on the N1 north between Louis Trichardt and Musina in Limpopo.

According to reports on the ground, the vehicles were moving bumper to bumper at Botlokwa by-pass. This is very normal around this Christmas time as travellers and holiday makers head to various destinations.

Today South Africa deployed more immigration and revenue staff, members of SNDF, SAPS and traffic officials at makeshift roadblocks between Beitbridge and Musina.

Hundreds of cars were pulled over and fines issued for various offences. Limpopo police spokesperson spoke of the exercise as major operation to address cross border crimes that arise as huge numbers of people cross between South Africa and Zimbabwe around this time.

Over 300 000 people are expected to cross the border around this time.

Elsewhere, there are no reported issues at Plumtree Border Post where thousands are expected to cross as they travel between Zimbabwe and Botswana.