Grace Mugabe’s diamond ring seller is living in exile after Zimbabwe’s spy agency — the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) asked him not to return to Zimbabwe again.

Ahmed who was given back his properties yesterday by a Harare High Court is now living outside the country following CIO threats.

Court papers seen by reporters show that  Ahmed said Grace had made an order for the $1.35 million diamond ring in Dubai.

She “placed an order for a diamond with my daughter in Dubai which she indicated her millionaire husband, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe wanted to buy her for their marriage anniversary,” he said.

Grace Mugabe “then refused to take delivery of the diamond and instead demanded a full refund.”

Ahmed told the court through his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa that he was being haunted by CIOs who asked him to live somewhere far from Zimbabwe.

“I have been threatened with harm if I return and it is necessary that I get some form of protection,” court documents quoted him as saying.

“If the respondents(Grace and her son) have a genuine cause of action against me, they have a right to take me to court … without taking the law into their own hands,” he said.

He went on to say that Grace, together with her son Russell, son-in-law Simba Chikore and a CIO named Fero initiated “a reign of terror and harassment where I was verbally threatened, harassed, insulted and told that I could not do anything to them as they are in fact ‘Zimbabwe'”.

“Threats of taking over my properties in Zimbabwe were also made,” he added.

Yesterday, a Harare Judge evicted Grace from the properties she invaded failure of which would see the properties taken from her by force by Zimbabwe High Court..

More details follow..