• Below, we publish an open letter by a Redcliff resident who is based in South Africa, commenting about the services he received at an eatery in the small Midlands town. We encourage our readers to provide full names and addresses, even in instances where pseudonyms are provided.

Dear Editor,

Firstly, allow me to say ,many thanks for publishing my letter in your widely-read online publication.

My name is Violet Sibanda, and I am a Zimbabwean citizen currently residing in Pretoria, South Africa. Through your paper, I would like to express my gratitude over the services which I received from Sistaz Cafe- a restaurant based in the central business district of Redcliff town in the Midlands Province.

It had actually been a very long time since I last travelled back to my native country and when I happened to have my lunch of sumptuous African dishes of muboora, dovi and sadza at Sistaz Cafe in Redcliff town, I came to the conclusion that one does not necessarily need to read the negative mainstream and social media reports about the situation in Zimbabwe to have a full appreciation of what the situation in Zimbabwe is.

Back in South Africa, we have read reports about a burning Zimbabwe where underpaid workers go to work for formality’s sake without really committing themselves to the call of duty.

Not at Sistaz Cafe- a modest restaurant that is located at the heart of Redcliff CBD!

Here, I came across ‘sistaz’ who are apparently conversant with their job descriptions. At this eatery, I was served by two cooks who make it a point that one feels at home away from home. The pair of a one Mrs J Phiri, and her accomplice, Mrs L Gono (pictured above), who operate the restaurant, are contrasting examples of the bad picture painted on Zimbabwean workers by the social media.

I may not be conversant with the monthly earnings of these two ladies but the way they treated me, and all other customers who were available on the day I bumped into Sistaz Cafe, speaks volumes about the quality of workers that this country oozes with.

Their unmatchable sense of professionalism touched my heart and I think this platform serves as the most appropriate and befitting way of thanking and encouraging them. When I spoke to them, they said Sistaz Cafe has a branch in Australia and I really wish to make a date with their branch in that European country when I get the chance to travel there.

I would also wish to implore on the generality of Zimbabwean workers to take a cue from the hospitality that I received at this particular eatery if they have the goodwill of complementing President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Second Republic in the attainment of Vision 2030.

To the two ladies, allow me to say thumbs up my sisters. 

You have actually proved to me that professionalism and commitment to the call of duty can never be treated as secondary to anything else.

Thank you Sistaz Cafe!

Violet Sibanda,