Soulful Singer Gary Mapanzure Involved in Fatal Accident, Two Lives Lost, Family Offers Clarification on Death Story

According to reports, Gary Mapanzure is in a critical condition following a deadly road accident. The accident occurred in Masvingo this evening along the Beitbridge-Masvingo Highway when a vehicle turning into Clipsham Views residential area hit another coming from Beitbridge. Mapanzure was in a vehicle and his sister was the driver. His nephew, his sister’s son, died in the fatal crash.

A Great Zimbabwe University student Langton Madima was also involved in the accident. Langton, the GZU Students Representative Council President, also died on the spot. Pictures from the scene of the accident show the wreckage of a maroon Toyota Vitz vehicle. It was damaged beyond repair while a grey car it collided with was at a distance on the tarred road. The damage on the vehicles showed they should have collided head on.

Gary Mapanzure’s Family Confirms Singer Is Not Dead

Garry Mapanzure‘s family has revealed that the soulful musician is not dead and is currently admitted in hospital. This follows reports that the crooner had died in hospital following a horrific accident which occurred earlier in the day. Earlier reports painted a grim picture of his fate, but now his family has come forward to clarify the situation, refuting the rumours of his death.
Gary Mapanzure’s Family Provides Clarity

In a recent social media post, Garry Mapanzure’s brother, Victor, extended their gratitude for the overwhelming support and prayers while also confirming the musician’s ongoing battle for recovery. Victor’s words provide a much-needed glimmer of hope during this dark period: “Garry is currently getting treatment and is in the hospital. Thank you all for your unconditional prayers, love, and support during this time. More updates will follow.” Garry Mapanzure Not Dead

The accident, which unfolded on the Beitbridge-Masvingo Highway, took a devastating toll, with fatal consequences for some. Mapanzure, a passenger in his sister’s vehicle, was critically injured, and tragically, his nephew lost his life instantly in the crash. The collision occurred as a car turned into Clipsham Views residential area, colliding with another vehicle from Beitbridge. Notably, Langton Madima, a student and President of the GZU Students Representative Council, also lost his life in this heartbreaking incident.

What caused the accident

Eye witnesses told The Mirror that a Mazda Demio coming from Beitbridge towards Masvingo tried to overtake a haulage truck and had a head on collision with a Honda CRV driving from Masvingo City and turning right at Dreamwoods Lodge junction.
Both deceased were in the Mazda Demio. Sources said one of the deceased was the driver of the Demio. Three of the injured were in the Demio while the fourth is said to be the driver of the CVR who was traveling alone.
“The Mazda Demio seemed to have been travelling in high speed and it tried to overtake a haulage truck resulting in the head-on collision,” said Monica Chipumho, one of the eye witnesses.