Silobela Man Allegedly Sets Himself on Fire Amid Suspicions of Wife’s Infidelity

Reports emerge of a Silobela man who purportedly doused himself in petrol and ignited flames following suspicions of his wife’s infidelity. While police have yet to confirm the incident, Silobela Member of Parliament Jonah Nyevera disclosed that the tragic event unfolded on Saturday.

According to Nyevera, the deceased, identified as Onias Mangena, had harbored suspicions of his wife’s involvement with their landlord, Wilberforce Mukumba, for some time. Allegedly, a heated altercation ensued between Mangena and his wife on the fateful day, leading him to lock her and their children inside their home. Mangena then purportedly purchased petrol from a nearby garage with intentions to harm them.

Thankfully, alert neighbors intervened upon hearing distress calls, rescuing the family before alerting the authorities. Despite police contacting Mangena, who claimed to be at home, he proceeded to set himself ablaze inside the residence, ultimately perishing in the flames.

Expressing shock over the incident, Nyevera remarked that community members continue to grapple with the aftermath. Reflecting on the tragedy, he suggested that seeking assistance to address the allegations might have led to a more constructive resolution.