Movement for Democratic Change Alliance deputy chairperson has refuted claims that he has been ejected from the party’s WhatsApp group.

The report alleges that the infighting in the party has reached another level to the extent that MDC chairperson Thabitha Khumalo and her vice Job Sikhala have been chucked out from a party WhatsApp group administered by MDC-Alliance secretary-general Chalton Hwende.

Meanwhile, The Herald, further reports that when contacted for comment Sikhala said he couldn’t care less as he is a member of more than a thousand groups.

“I am a member of more than a thousand groups and I don’t even care if I am removed from one group. I don’t have time to look at that,” Sikhala said.

However, Sikhala has refuted that report saying: “When you see the Herald running with a story you should know that the agenda is nefarious

Fungai Kwaramba formerly of the Daily News, “mukoma I am kumba here in Chitungwiza, mandirasa” I told I long stopped drinking 2 years ago & I stay home.

“Then boooom these lies. Shame Fungai,” he said.