All is not well for a Bulawayo woman who was recently doused with paraffin and methylated spirit and set alight by her husband for planning to ditch him.

Joan Zvaodzamoyo from Mzilikazi suffered serious facial burns, she is currently admitted at Mpilo Central Hospital where she is receiving treatment.

Narrating the tear-jerking incident in an interview with Sunday News, the woman’s father, Fortune Mawanga, said the incident happened after her daughter’s husband Lawrence Dube (41) found out that she was planning to move out after failing to cope with  marital problems they were having, which he said were allegedly caused by the husband’s sister’s abusive behaviour towards his daughter. The two have three children together.

Zvaodzamoyo was burnt on her face in her sleep when her husband allegedly sprinkled paraffin and methylated spirit and then lit her. He went on to cover her with a blanket before running way. He is still at large.

“The couple has been living together for over 14 years although Dube never paid lobola to the family,” said Mawanga.

He said the couple’s relationship was rough sailing for the better part of the past few years and his daughter had decided to quit the marriag