SA actress Nomzamo Mbatha’s star is in the stratosphere after impressing in the Hollywood hit film Coming 2 America, but was nearly derailed by impostor syndrome.

Nomzamo earned praise from fans and critics across the world for her breakout role as Mirembe in the highly-anticipated sequel.

In a recent interview with Harper Bazaar, Nomzamo admitted to being a little overwhelmed on set and was nearly overcome by the feeling that she did not deserve the role.

She said actress Shari Headley helped her get through it, by reminding her that she was good enough

“I don’t know what was happening to me that day. This day was just heavy for me, because I was just going through impostor syndrome, just thinking there are way more beautiful girls, more talented young women that deserve this. Why me?

“I was all up in my head, and I guess she noticed, and she just pulled me to the side and said, ‘Stop playing small.’ I remember looking at her. She put her hand on my shoulders, she said, ‘Stop playing small. This is your moment. You deserve to be here. You are so deserving. I’ve been where you are, and I played small. And I don’t want you to do that.’”

The experience started a friendship that Nomzamo said she will always treasure.

Speaking to the Sunday Times earlier this year, Nomzamo touched on her battle with impostor syndrome and said she had to remind herself: “You deserve to be here. You’ve put in the work; you’ve put in the investment to earn this role.”

The star has always encouraged young girls to follow their dreams and not doubt themselves.

She told fans in a 2018 Women’s Month post to: “Never bow to the naysayers who say you will never amount to anything, because you will. Your ability to rise, overcome and conquer is your superpower.”

-Times Live