Tinashe Zisengwe

A 25 year old Shamva man will rue the day he bedded a 16 year old mentally challenged girl of the same community late last year after a Bindura Magistrate slapped him with 13 years imprisonment.

However, three years were suspended leaving him with an effective 10 years.

He appeared before Regional Magistrate Sandra Mupindu whilst Gossy Mudambu appeared for state.

According to the state, sometime in November last year, the victim’s mother had gone to Harare and the victim was left alone at home.

She then went to do laundry in the garden and the accused came and dragged her into a nearby thicket.

He forced the complainant to sleep on the ground and raped her.

He then ordered the complainant not to reveal what had happened to anyone promising to bring her some goodies.

However, the matter came to light sometime later after the accused met the complaint’s sibling who then directed him where she was.

The complainant upon noticing the plaintiff shouted that she didn’t want to see him since he had raped her.