-As ZANU-PF chaos continue

A group of youths are being organized to mob President Robert Mugabe at his ZANU-PF party headquarters to see-off Saviour Kasukuwere before the politburo meeting today.

According to reliable sources who spoke to zwnews.com this morning the youths are to show support for the beleaguered  ZANU-Pf Political  Commissar  Kasukuwere who is battling political survival in his party ZANU-PF after  demonstrations in his provincial capital Bindura on Monday.

Kasukuwere is among top Zanu PF officials who have recently fallen out with First Lady Grace Mugabe and there have been calls for his ouster from the party following the expulsion of Women’s League top brass Eunice Sandi-Moyo and Sarah Mahoka.

Kasukuwere and his half-brother Dickson Mafios are being blamed for trying to overthrow Mugabe, working against the wishes of the first lady Grace Mugabe, fanning factionalism, and setting up parallel party structures, insulting and disrespecting the party’s leadership.

According to a post by addressed to youths in Harare, put up by Munyaradzi Shoko, the demonstration is aimed to stop the Vice President from vilifying Kasukuwere,“Handei tinomisa ngwena macdes wenyu anokudai wemuwarvet  (lets go and stop the crocodile yours war veteran),” read the post.

Meanwhile, a counter post has advised the youths not go to the planned demonstration warning that they will be met by a heavy police presence.

Mnangagwa’s camp is being seen as responsible for orchestrating the fall-out of Kasukuwere.