An insatiable appetite for the biblically forbidden fruit has resulted in a Zvishavane man requesting to be intimate with a resident of the fairer sex in exchange for a bottle of hand sanitizer.

The apparently shameless man, Again Madzivire is accused of having inappropriately fondled the woman in question before making the bizzare sex-for-sanitiser request.

Madzivire only has dear heavens to thank after the woman eventually decided to drop off the charges following his apology for the offence.

Reports say Madzivire, who is in the business of selling detergents reportedly offered her a bottle of hand sanitiser as payment for her services, if she gave in to his advance.

Enraged, the woman turned down Madzivire’s bizzare offer and, instead, decided to make a report to the police.

Prior to that, Madzivire had gone to the woman’s house with the intention of having sex with the woman in exchange for a hand sanitizer.

It is reported that Madzivire fully knew that the woman in question was in need of the sanitiser, and decided to take advantage of the woman’s predicament by offering a bottle of the hand sanitizer in exchange for sex.

In a show of how desperate Madzivire was in need for intimacy, reports say he just budged into the woman’s house without knocking and saw her sitting on the sofa.

Subsequently, he reportedly pulled the woman from the sofa and started making compliments about how good she looked.

Allegations are that Madzivire then started to fondle the woman’s breasts without her consent. Displeased by the obsession for intimacy by Madzivire, the woman is reported to have reprimanded him and Madzivire left the woman’s house with an egg on his face.

Madzivire survived being dragged before the courts of justice after the woman decided to withdraw the case following an apology from the shamed sex pest.


Additional Reporting: Zwnews