Zimbabwean influencer Shadaya Tawona Knight has reached out to the Zimbabwe Republic Police for assistance following a series of threats on his life. The controversial figure, known for speaking his mind on social issues, expressed fear for his safety after receiving ongoing threats from unidentified individuals.

Taking to social media, Shadaya publicly disclosed the threats and appealed to the police for help. He revealed that the threats had escalated over the past week, prompting concern from his family and friends. They reported being approached by strangers seeking information about his whereabouts and daily routine.

Despite initially dismissing the threats as pranks, Shadaya acknowledged the seriousness of the situation when the threats became more frequent and personal. His loved ones expressed worry for his safety as the intimidation tactics intensified, including in-person threats suggesting he was “wanted.”

Asserting his innocence and commitment to free speech, Shadaya emphasized that he had not engaged in any criminal activity warranting such threats. He challenged the intimidation, stating that he should have the right to express his opinions without fear for his safety.

Despite the intimidation tactics, Shadaya vowed to continue speaking out on societal issues and called for police intervention to ensure his safety and well-being.