An apparently sex-starved employee with one of the country’s biggest network providers- NetOne- was recently nabbed by the police amid allegations that he has been pestering staffers at various organisations with questions about their employers and also demanding for sex from a number of females while impersonating as a ‘private investigator’, Zwnews has gathered.

Documents in our possession reveal that Elvis Veterai who is an employee at the NetOne Gokwe Branch was arrested and fined by police in the small agrarian town after three of the female employees he has been ‘tasking’ with questions about details of their respective employers, approached the law enforcement agents seeking protection orders from the accused.

Veterai (pictured above) has also been accused of approaching female staffers at some local organisations in the Midlands town demading for sexual favors from the companies.

“He introduced himself as a private investigator yet it is a lie,” said one complainant in a sworn affidavit seen by this publication.

Veterai, who was lucky to escape the full wrath of the law by a whisker after being fined $500 was also also accused of, “approaching every girl at work demanding sex”, by the complainants.

“He comes to the company (name supplied) at regular intervals disturbing workers during the course of duty,” she said.

“(Veterai) is faking his identity, claiming to be a private investigator. He asks too much information about the company (and) he wants to know the whereabouts of the directors… He asks out every girl at our workplace, demanding for sex or trick her into a relationship. He even gives a lot of money or buy expensive things as a way of trying to get information out of them,” reads another affidavit.

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