The Constitutional Amendment Bill number 2 which sailed through Parliament recently, is being debated in the Senate of Zimbabwe, which is the upper chamber of the country’s bicameral Parliament.

While, the Bill expected to sail through, on account of a number of senators supporting it, a few others are standing their ground saying it is retrogressive.

Below are some of the points given:

Senator Mavetera: Don’t use the majority in Parliament to bring unprogressive laws.

Senator Mavetera : We know power corrupt, remember at one time a First Lady insulted a vice president.

Senator Mavetera :The Constitution speaks on separation on power why do you want to amend it.

Senator Mavetera : The Constitution must not be amended because I had a nice dream.

Senator Mavetera : Hatisi kutsvaga Sabhuku why do you want to remove the running mate clause.

EngMudzuri : We are just putting changes that are not to the people’s advantage

EngMudzuri : We shall be written in history to as the people who agreed to do things that affected Zimbabwe.

Senator Rwambiwa : Let us take back the Constitution to the people as it was created by the people.

Senator Muzenda: The President must be given his powers in full

Senator Moeketsi : Thank you for this bill for allowing the women to lead honorable minister.

Senator Mbowa : The President is from God so that is why he must be given power to appoint judges.

Senator Chimbudzi: I am happy with this amendment as it will give women opportunities.

Senator Chirongoma: The president must continue with his powers.

Senator Chirongoma : In 2013 the people said they wanted a powerful president who can choose his vice president.

The Senate consisted of 40 members, the majority of whom were elected by the House of Assembly, the directly elected lower chamber, with the remainder being chosen by the Council of Chiefs and appointed by the President.

-Openparlyzw/ Zwnews