In a recent legal development, 36-year-old Malaysian national, Lucy Kabethi Wanjiku, has been brought before the Victoria Falls Magistrates Court on charges related to the unlawful possession of ammunition. The incident unfolded on March 2, 2024, at the Victoria Falls International Airport, where Wanjiku was apprehended following the detection of a single live 9mm round of ammunition during a routine baggage scan.

Seeking legal recourse, the accused applied for bail. However, this afternoon, the bail application faced dismissal. The trial has been concluded, and the judgment is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

Background of the Case:

Lucy Kabethi Wanjiku’s legal troubles began when she was taken into custody after authorities discovered the prohibited ammunition in her possession at the Victoria Falls International Airport. The circumstances surrounding the incident raised concerns, leading to her subsequent arrest.

In a bid to secure her release, Wanjiku applied for bail. Regrettably, her efforts faced a setback as the bail application was dismissed during proceedings this afternoon. The reasons behind the dismissal were not immediately disclosed, leaving room for speculation and anticipation regarding the impending judgment.

This arrest comes barely a week after another foreign national was caught with illegal ammunition at the same airport, highlighting ongoing concerns about airport security and the trafficking of prohibited items.

The situation underscores the need for robust security measures at international airports to prevent the smuggling of dangerous items and ensure the safety of passengers and airport personnel. Authorities are expected to continue their efforts to uphold airport security and enforce laws related to the possession of prohibited items.