Cephas Shava

A Grade 7  pupil is lucky to be alive after she survived a brutal crocodile attack.

The girl, Mercy Chuma,  studying at Gwamatenga Primary School was last Thursday rushed to Manyuchi Clinic after she was attacked by a crocodile during the early hours of the morning while fetching bathing water in a gully.

Reporters were told  that the little girl’s hand was nearly torn off after the sneaky reptile ambushed her.

“There is a small gully that holds some water nearby and that is where the crocodile was hiding. It pounced on the girl’s hand when she was about to fetch water to bath and go to school.

“The girl was alone so it is not clear how she miraculously rescued herself from the jaws of the reptile. The gully is shallow but she could nonetheless have been dragged and killed by the crocodile,” said the relative who preferred anonymity.

The incident happened at a time when an 8-year-old boy in Mashonaland was killed and swallowed by a crocodile while taking a bath in  a river recently.