The lifestyles of Zim’s political elites clearly define them as having monarchical tendencies & palace lifestyles

Charles Mabhena

Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU PF party leaders have been labelled as ungracious, architects of poverty and parasites that are milking the state’s coffers for selfish gains.

Writing in a paper in the Gravitaslite, a publication for the Institute of Public Affairs for Zimbabwe (IPAZ) writers Tamuka Chirimambowa and Tinashe Chimedza described the current leadership of ZANU PF as the causes of the socio-economic and political problems in the country.

“The ruling elite are locked in an obstinate extractive mode, stripping national assets, dispossessing the people and leading their slobbering appetites. The lifestyles of Zimbabwe’s political elites clearly define them as having monarchical tendencies and palace lifestyles,” wrote the two writers.

The writers chided the leaders for doing little in the latest flood scenarios where more than 200 people have died and thousands others displaced and blamed President Robert Mugabe for not bothering to visit the victims.

They criticised the raid on national coffers where the top brass have wiped millions of dollars meant for development like solar projects, and others, amid underhand dealings in tender allocations in which kickbacks are demanded.

They also blamed the leaders for their corrupt tendencies in dealing with issues of public importance, like the resuscitation of ZISCO steel that is currently lying in limbo due to lack of prioritisation.

This could have brought employment opportunities to thousands of people.

Meanwhile, there has been a public outcry as to why Mugabe is harbouring corrupt officials in his party and government.

Recently, during his traditional birthday interview, Mugabe defended his cronies, saying all those who claim that the big fishes are corrupt and are not being arrested should bring the evidence of the corruption.

This could have come as shocker for many, as Mugabe himself is on record that 15 billion from diamond revenue disappeared into thin air. As if that was not enough, most of his ministers and big wigs are allegedly leading flashy lifestyles, with some building mansions worth far beyond their