President Robert Mugabe says he appreciates that there are people in Zanu PF ambitious to lead the country but says he is not prepared to leave the people divided.

Speaking during the fifth Presidential Youth Interface Rally at the Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) sports grounds in Mashonaland West’s provincial capital this afternoon, Mugabe said when time comes, he will be happy to see his successor with the support of a united people.

“I understand that there are some people who want to become presidents also. I am still here and I want to see people united and see if the situation is ripe [before I leave]. I know some say we no longer want a Zezuru leader, others say we want others from Matabeleland, Midlands, Manicaland and so on. But this is a sign that you are divided,” said Cde Mugabe.

“There are some saying the President is dying, I am not dying. Of course, I get ailments here and there, like everyone else, but I am strong. Recently, doctors were shocked that I have bones so strong. I just said it’s the Lord. I thank God for keeping me strong for so long,” he added.

President Mugabe reiterated calls for unity saying, “To leaders whom we are working with in government, you must realise that what made us succeed was the aspect of unity. Unity means we are together in mind, we are together in the way we operate, it means we should speak in one language, avoid speaking bad about each other, gossiping, plotting and counter plotting against each other,” he said.

Still on unity, President Mugabe recalled how ZANU and ZAPU went to the Lancaster House talks united under the banner of PF (Patriotic Front) in 1979 and how the liberation struggle against a well equipped colonialists was won. zbc