Harare: Office property belonging to the cash-strapped MDC-T party was attached by the messenger of court this Friday (today) from the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare over a US$180 000 debt owed to a former employee.

The MDC-T party who at one time bragged about having foreign donors who are willing to pour in billions of dollars has certainly fallen on hard times.

Donor fatigue is certainly being felt in the MDC-T party with reports that funding is diminishing while the bill for debtors, salary arrears and former employees’ compensation are ballooning.

Insiders have revealed that most of the party’s traditional funders in the west have now lost faith in MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s credentials.

Of late the party has been failing to pay its 110 employees.

In March this year, 62 of the party’s employees demonstrated outside Harvest House after going for one year five months without salaries.

As if that is not enough the party plunged into an all time low as this Friday office furniture that included worn out chairs and broken desks was attached by the messenger of court over a labour dispute with a former party employee Ms Sally Dura who worked in the party women’s league department and was allegedly dismissed under unclear circumstances.

MDC-T party spokesperson, Mr Obed Gutu tried to underplay the issue saying an urgent chamber application has been filed at the High Court to seek an order to stop the move.

Asked if the failure by the MDC-T to honour a US$180 000 debt gave confirmation of the party has fallen over hard times, Gutu tried to blame the courts saying the attachment has been done unprocedurally.

This is not the first time that the party has been taken to the courts by former employees.
Meanwhile the MDC-T leader has shocked many after making a proclamation that he will personally hand pick his senate and that the party will no longer be holding primary elections to select candidates for next year’s election.

Tsvangirai said the candidates will be picked on consensus.

Observers say the proclamation clearly reveals the dictatorial attributes of the MDC-T leader who ironically wants to position himself to the world as an advocate for democracy.

Two years ago the party was taken to court by 13 former security personnel who were unfairly dismissed and allegedly went home without any benefits.

The party was ordered to pay the employees US$491 000.

In September last year, the deputy sheriff almost attached Tsvangirai’s Strathaven house as well as 62 cars belonging to the party, before the party obtained an order of stay for the execution of the writ.

The party later sacrificed three vehicles to save Tsvangirai’s house from being auctioned over a US$55 000 loan owed to a local bank.

It has also been revealed that some people and organisations that were funding the MDC-T party are disgruntled after it emerged that since the formation of the party no professional audit has ever been conducted despite the party receiving millions of dollars from foreign and local donors. zbc