Two self-proclaimed sangomas, identified as Sekuru Shumba (William Chinyeruke) and Sekuru Ngara (Andrew Ngondonga), have come under scrutiny after allegedly detaining two brothers, Guard Ndofa (65) and Amos Ndofa (64), at their shrine since December last year.

The brothers, hailing from Banket, have purportedly been subjected to what the sangomas claim are cleansing ceremonies, with fines levied for alleged customary offenses.

Guard, a farmer, and Amos, a retired sergeant, have reportedly been surrendering assets, including cattle and pension payments, to the sangomas.

Concerned by their prolonged absence, the brothers’ daughters, along with their son, confronted the sangomas, accusing them of coercing their fathers to disown their families and undergo unnecessary rituals.

The confrontation resulted in the damage of some traditional pots at the shrine.

While Amos defends his stay, citing the importance of the cleansing ceremonies, the sangomas deny detaining the brothers, attributing their prolonged stay to personal choice.

state media