The British parliamentarians have said sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are not working, this came out during debate on the subject in the House of Lords.

The parliamentarians said the sanctions are in fact hurting Zimbabweans and are being used by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s regime as an excuse for running down the country’s economy.

What they said:

  1. Trade between Zimbabwe & UK was £539m in 2022/3 notwithstanding Sanctions.

  2. Sanctions have created a vacuum conveniently occupied by China & Russia. Sanctions used by Harare as an excuse for opaque governance and unaccountability.

  3. Broad spectrum Sanctions are not working but hating the People of Zimbabwe.

  4. Calling for reinforcement of 2019 Global Human Rights Sanctions listing but clearly Debate without naming it is seeking alignment to Global Magnitsky Sanctions Program targeted at Corrupt and Perpetrators & Violators of Human Rights in Zimbabwe.

  5. Notes the Strategic Mineral endowments of Africa , Zimbabwe & DRC cited on Lithium.

  6. However exploiting the above needs inclusive, accountable & transparent governance.

  7. Suggests All Party Parliamentary visit & conference in Harare to push for this agenda inorder to alleviate growing poverty and a suffering population.