Copied| Fellow Zimbabweans we need your help in locating the lady in the photos below. Her real name is Blessing Marufu also known as Mrs Mutsena based in South Africa. Blessing recruits Zimbos promising them jobs in Mauritius. Zimbos are being used as drug mules to Mauritius,they are obliviosly fed heroin with instructions not to eat anything till they arrive at their destination so that they excrete pellets of heroine.

As we speak 13 Zimbos are awaiting trial for drug trafficking in Mauritius,they were all recruited by Blessing Marufu. These are young people who thought they had found work yet they didnt know kuti they were used as drug mules.

David Simbarashe Munyengwa (27), Godfrey Zisengwa (25), Katros Chabata (25), and Frank Mageza (25) were arrested on 4 October and they are awaiting trial in Mauritius. Anoziva hama dzevanhu ava may you please inbox me as we try to get them legal help.

There is also a girl by the name of Michelle who is in jail in Mauritius, she left a 9 month old baby as she thought she had found an opportunity to make money.

Blessing is married to one Kenneth Mutsena…Please help us locate her as she is one of the syndicate leaders.

source: facebook